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ACT designs, engineers and develops clutch kits and flywheels using knowledge gained from decades of track and performance street experience. ACT clutch kits stand unequaled in terms of consistent and predictable pedal feel, high torque capacity, long wear life and durability. These key advantages are produced by combining the best engineering and design methodologies with the latest in materials and manufacturing techniques.

Advanced CAD, CAM and FEA tools are utilized to develop every ounce of performance and reliability. Each new product candidate is subjected to a painstaking development cycle with rigorous quality gates. If the end result does not perform significantly better, address issues common to each application and stand up to highly modified engines, it does not get put into production.

On the road to ultimate performance, there are no shortcuts.


Call us Old School. We'd be OK with that. When it comes to quality, there is no "New School." It is either done right or it's not. This is why we insist on vehicle testing, dynamometer results, laboratory testing, 3D modeling, rapid prototyping and simulation to bring the best to our customers.

Our in-house manufacturing plant utilizes specialized production test equipment to test clamp load, verify release travel, computer spin balance, as well as cycling each unit before shipping. Additional steps often include SFI Certification, heat treating, tempering and much more. Much goes into ACT products (some not easily noticeable when opening the box) to ensure long-term customer satisfaction. Clutches and flywheels take time and energy to install, so make sure your selection reflects the value of your time by choosing the best components up front.

Technology does change over time, but ACT's commitment to excellence never has -- and never will.

Engine Performance



The clutch transmits torque produced by the engine at the flywheel – not horsepower. It does not care about how much torque makes it through the transmission and differential to the tires. The only way to accurately measure engine torque is with an engine dynamometer. Since very few people are willing pull their engines out just so we can help them choose a clutch, either a chassis dyno or a realistic estimate is needed. This figure will usually be in pounds-feet (lb-ft). If given in Newton-meters (Nm), multiply by 0.74 to calculate lb-ft, as this product guide is based on lb-ft:

TORQUE (lb-ft) = 0.74 x TORQUE (Nm)

For those with dyno data, engine torque will normally be somewhere around 15% higher than that measured at the wheels due to losses in the transmission, differential(s), wheels and tires. For AWD cars, the number is typically higher (up to 18%) with the additional friction losses. There are many variables related to the type of dyno being used, atmospheric conditions and the methods of the dyno operator. For the purpose of clutch selection, multiply the wheel torque number by 1.15 (RWD or FWD) or 1.18 (AWD):


If no dyno numbers are available, a reasonable torque figure can be estimated by qualified individuals familiar with your specific vehicle and the modifications it already has. If planning on more engine upgrades in the future, be sure to consider those before ordering. Bolt-on mods (intake, exhaust, cams, ignition and so on) generally increase horsepower with little torque improvement. Adding forced induction (turbo or supercharger) and/or nitrous oxide will substantially increase both torque and horsepower, so it is important to understand what effect future mods will have on clutch selection.

For some applications, clutch options can be selected to handle additional torque. Others require purchasing an entirely different setup for major gains. Even though there are only a few things in life more enjoyable than changing a clutch, we recommend making the best choice the first time around.

Use this guide to determine whether a Sport, Heavy Duty, Xtreme, Maxx Xtreme or Twin-Disc Kit upgrade is best for your vehicle. If racing or drifting, ACT offers race clutch kits for many popular applications. If you don’t see what you are looking for, call us to discuss custom applications. We have helped clients ranging from grassroots enthusiasts to internationally recognized professional drivers.

Genuine Quality

Advanced Clutch Technology, Inc., since 1994, has specialized in performance clutches and flywheels for the sport compact, domestic and diesel truck markets. ACT’s focus on customer service, quality and performance has earned it an unparalleled reputation in the aftermarket industry. All ACT product is thoroughly researched and tested prior to release to ensure they perform to the customers’ expectations. This commitment to excellence has resulted in providing racers with championship wins. These standards also ensure ACT’s street products provide the performance demanded.