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Mann Engineering and NorCal86 Day Celebrate 8/6 Day!
Mann Engineering and NorCal86 Celebrate 8/6 Day!

We are celebrating 8/6 Day with NorCal86! Spread the word!

Date: August 6th, 2017
Location: 970 George Street Santa Clara, CA 95054

Event Time: 10am-5pm

Baseline Dyno Pulls

Limited baseline dyno slots available! We will extend this price to those who want to get baseline pulls but are not able to get a slot on the day of.

Cost of baseline pulls: $60 for 3-pulls and printouts.

To register for a slot on the day, please click the register button at the bottom of the page and follow the check out procedure. Once you have registered, please email us at contact@mann-engineering with a list of modifications including what type of transmission you have, such as Manual or Automatic as we want to group the runs based on transmission type to move things more smoothly.

If you wish to just have baseline pulls and want to scheduled a different day, continue to register and prepay for the dyno pulls. Then email us with the modification list, please let us know in the email that you want to be scheduled on a different day during the weekday. We will then work to schedule a time during normal hours to have the baseline pulls performed. This price will be good until the end of the event. The pulls will have to be done within one month, 30days, of 8/6 Day and if not completed within the 30days, the payment will not be refunded, no exchanges, and no type of credit will be issued.

We are limiting the number of pulls on the day to six(6) as we want to make sure each car gets the attention it deserves. More details about arrival time and scheduling will be provided after being registered.

Slots Available -
1. JN - Booked
2. BY -Booked - Mod List Submitted
3. SJ - Booked - Mod List Submitted
4. PL - Booked - Mod List Submitted
5. DM - Booked - Mod List Submitted
6. HR - Booked
7. JK - Booked - Mod List Submitted

We will have plenty of street parking and there will be parking inside the gate for those who are going to be getting their cars put on the dyno.

For those who are going on the dyno we will be doing a quick visual inspection of the car. We are going to recommend that you have an oil change done BEFORE you get on the dyno and make sure your engine oil and coolant level is topped off.

8/6 Day Special Sale!

We are going to be offering 8/6 Day Specials for anything that is currently in stock! If there is anything you are looking for and wanting to get a discount on, this will be a great opportunity to get it! We will have specials on our coilovers, Milltek exhausts, bushings, swaybars and much more!

If you are looking for any used parts, we have plenty in good condition!


1. We expect everyone to be on their best behavior and not ruin the event for everyone as it does only take one to ruin everything.
2. No burnourts, donuts, revving your engines, making loud exhaust noises, or anything along those lines.
3. If one performs any actions that are prohibited or cause harm to others, you will be asked to leave.

We are going to take the rules quite seriously as we would like to be able to have these events over and over again without the city giving us any trouble.

Thank you and see you at the event!