Mann Engineering Starter Car Care Kit from P&S

Mann Engineering Starter Car Care Kit from P&S

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We have put together this starter kit from P&S as a great way to get your car washed and protected. Using the P&S Pearl Shampoo, it will give you a very slick feel on the paint when washing the body of the car. Using Brake Buster will clean the tough brake dust off your wheels. With Bead Maker, you will achieve an unbelieveable gloss and provide some protection for your paint. Use Paint Gloss Detail Spray to help keep that clean and shiney after everything done. Carry it with with you with a microfiber when traveling to keep things clean. Be sure to check out our Microfiber section for only the best and highest quality microfiber towels to use when cleaning and maintaining.

Kit Includes:
- 1-Quart Bottle Double Black Pearl Shampoo,
- 1-Pint Double Black Brake Buster Spray Bottle,
- 1-Pint Double Black Paint Gloss Showroom Prep Spray,
- 1-Pint Double Black Bead Maker

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