----------------------------------------------------------- GENERAL ----------------------------------------------------------
• Does Mann Engineering have any used parts for sale?

We will have used parts from time to time. They can be found in our clearance section of our store. They will be marked as “USED” in the title description. Used parts will not carry any warranty of any kind.

• Does Mann Engineering offer any group-buy discounts?

From time to time, group-buy discounts are offered. Please inquire within for any group buy interests.

• How often are your dyno tuning events?

Due to the EPA and CARB regulations, we have halted all custom tuning at this time. We are only doing dyno testing and pulls.   

• I have a part that Mann Engineering doesn’t carry, will you install it?

Depending on what part you want to have installed, we can install them. Please contact us first to make sure what it is you want installed.

• Why does Mann Engineering only carry certain brands of parts?

We only carry certain brands that we know will deliver performance and quality and that actually work. And the brands that we do carry work with us to further improve their products to make them even better.

----------------------------------------------------------- BRAKES -----------------------------------------------------------
• How do I know if I need to have my brake hydraulic system flushed?

Brake fluid should be flushed at the normal service intervals. If you feel the brakes becoming spongy or inconsistent, it would not be a bad idea to get them flushed with fresh fluid as brake fluid does absorb moisture over time. If you live in an area where it is more humid, consider flushing your brake fluid more frequently.

• How do I know if I need to upgrade my brakes?

Brakes are something we always recommend having more of. What we mean by this is that it never hurts to upgrade brakes as that is one area that you need to always make sure is properly working. If you plan on doing any spirited driving or track days and notice that your brakes are not doing what they should when you just drive it normally, then we recommend making some upgrades.

• How long should brake pads last with normal driving?

Brake pad wear rate will greatly depend on many different factors. Pad material, how one drives the vehicle, driving conditions, condition of the vehicle, and tires are some factors that determine how long brake pads should last. There is no guaranteed way to know as we have seen stock pads wear out in 30,000 miles and more aggressive street pads go longer to about 40,000miles. Automatics also tend to wear out a bit faster because the cars always are moving forward.

• Why do I need to replace my brake rotors?

We recommend replacing rotors when replacing pads so as not to mix different braking compounds. As there is a transfer layer on the rotor surface that allows pad compounds to create friction. Another reason is that when you brake, you wear rotor material away and we want you to have as much material as possible to help maintain heat capacity. More material means that the rotor will be able to hold more heat. If you have less material, then you will have less heat capacity. Lastly, when a rotor falls out of specifications, reaches the minimum thickness for 99% of vehicles, which is another time of needing to replace the rotor.

----------------------------------------------------------- ENGINE -----------------------------------------------------------
• Can I benefit from an upgraded intercooler?

A larger intercooler can be of benefit and make more power. However, being too big can be a drawback as well. Upgrading your intercooler will greatly depend on your power targets. If you run a top mount intercooler, running one that is too thick can actually be worse than the original top mount that came with your car. Why? Because a thicker intercooler will need more airflow to keep cool but is also capable of absorbing more heat and heat is the enemy for a forced induction vehicle. We recommend consulting your tuner regarding this.

• Can I safely run an upgraded turbocharger on stock engine internals?

We recommend consulting your engine tuner regarding this.

• Can you find out why my CEL (check engine light) is on?

Yes, we are able to read your check engine light code. Some diagnostic time will be needed to determine the actual cause of the checking engine light.

• Why does Mann Engineering not offer any intake systems other than a panel filter?

We have tested many intake systems and have found the factory air box to work the most consistently when making moderate power increased without any drawbacks. Many systems intake warm/hot air from the engine bay and use incorrect piping diameters and so cause your engine control unit to read incorrect values, which can cause the car to run worse.

----------------------------------------------------------- EXHAUST ----------------------------------------------------------
• Are Milltek exhaust systems CARB (California Air Resources Board) legal?

Milltek Catbacks are CARB legal as it does not affect any emissions control devices.  Any Milltek Hi-Flow Catalytic replacement is not CARB legal. Please check with your local laws about replacing catalytic converters. Any customer who purchases any pipe that replaces a catalytic converter is solely responsible for its use. All Milltek Hi-Flow catalytic converters are for off-road use only.

• Do I need a tune after having an exhaust system installed?

Installation of some exhaust systems will require engine remapping to maximize gains from the system and to make the vehicle run properly.

• How loud is the Milltek exhaust system?

We do not feel that Milltek systems are loud by any means. However, we do believe that everyone has a different level of what they believe is loud or quiet. The best thing is to try and hear the system that you are wanting in person. This will help you decide whether the system is loud or quiet to your needs.

• What is a cat-back exhaust?

A cat-back system is a portion of the exhaust system from the last catalytic converter to the end of the car.

• What is a down-pipe?

Depending on the vehicle a downpipe is commonly referred to as the pipe that contains the two catalytic converters following the turbocharger on a WRX or STI.

• What is a turbo-back exhaust?

A turboback is exactly how it sounds. It is the entire replacement of the exhaust that starts from where the exhaust gases are first exiting the turbo all the way to the back of the car.

• What kind of power gains can I expect from a Milltek exhaust system?

Power gains vary depending on various conditions and which system you plan on running on your car. Some systems will require engine remapping.

• What size are the exhaust tips on the Milltek exhaust system?

Exhaust tip size and material options will vary based on vehicle application. Milltek designs the tips to match the rear persona of the car. Some will be larger than others and some will have the option of choosing something like titanium as a material option. Please contact us to see what tip options are available for your application.

• Will my car pass smog with a Milltek exhaust system?

Your car will pass smog with a Milltek Catback exhaust system.  Other systems may or may not pass smog. For this please check with your local laws and regulations on smog requirements.

--------------------------------------------------- SHIPPING AND RETURNS ---------------------------------------------
• Does Mann Engineering ship orders internationally?

Yes, We do ship internationally. Please contact us for shipping quotes to your location.

  • What is your return policy? 

All returned items, excluding those which are deemed defective, are subject to a 30% restocking fee. Cancelled orders including those purchased under WILL CALL but not able to be picked up are subject to a 30% order cancellation fee.  Items that have been sold for more than 15 days are not returnable. Return date will be based on date shipped or purchased. The customer will be responsible for returning the item, unopened in its original packaging with all accompanying accessories. Customer is responsible for all returned shipping charges. Opened items from its original packaging are not returnable. Any items that have been installed or used are not returnable and no refunds will be issued. Packages that are returned without a RMA number will not be accepted. Any electrical items sold are not refundable. Items that are sold as a clearance item cannot be returned and no refunds will be issued. No refunds will be issued on Clearance Items or items that are listed as USED. Any orders that are incorrect and require a full refund, a full refund will not be provided as a transaction fee for the refund will be assessed.

Any special order items will require payment in full prior to ordering. If you cancel your order, no refund will be issued.

***Additional $100 fee is applicable to any wheels or products (per item) shipping to a freight forwarder or deposit box within the United States. A separate invoice will be sent for fee payment to process order. To avoid this fee, you must provide a residential or commercial address that is NOT a freight forwarder office, warehouse, or deposit box location.
***Additional insurance fee will be charged for items with free shipping based on the value that is being shipped to a freight forwarder.

• Lost / Damage packages: Large orders sometimes are shipped in multiple packages and some packages may arrive later than others. If the package has not arrived in a timely matter, we will open a tracer on the package only after 10 business days from the date it was shipped. 
--------------------------------------------------------- WARRANTY ---------------------------------------------------------
• Does Mann Engineering have a warranty on any labor performed?

Parts that are sold and installed by us, we will warranty labor. Labor on certain services do not carry any labor warranty because the car will be used in conditions that are out of our control. No labor warranty is provided on mounting and balance of wheels and tires and alignments.

• Does Mann Engineering have a warranty on installed parts?

Parts that we sell will carry the manufacturer’s warranty. Every manufacturer will offer their own warranty on their product. If you have a product you want to know the warranty about, please contact us. We do not warranty any customer supplied parts.

• Will doing any modifications to my car void the manufacturer’s warranty?

Depending on what type of parts you wish to modify will determine whether or not you will void your manufacturer’s warranty on a car with a warranty. If you install an aftermarket component, the dealer you take it to will have to prove that the aftermarket component is what caused the failure of that component. Example, if you install a swaybar and your turbo prematurely fails, then they cannot void your warranty on the turbo because a swaybar has no functional relationship with the turbo.

------------------------------------------------------ VEHICLE STORAGE ---------------------------------------------------

Vehicles without services rendered are charged at a storage rate of $60/day or $350/week or $1200/month. Vehicles with minor services rendered (oil changes, alignments, less than 4 hours of services rendered, etc.) are allowed one complimentary day vehicle storage without storage fee after service completion.  Vehicles with major services rendered (services requiring more than 4+ hrs) are allowed up to three complimentary days of vehicle storage without storage fee after service completion. After complimentary days are used, Mann Engineering vehicle storage rates are $50/day or $300/week or $1100/month. Vehicles dropped off early without an appointment will incur vehicle storage until services are rendered in which allowed complimentary days will be deducted after services are complete.