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With over 20 extensive years of experience and knowledge in the Subaru industry as a Premium Subaru Specialist via Mann Engineering, our customers have asked us for many years to expand our excellent services to other vehicle makes as well. Through passion and interest, we decided to add Polestar, Porsche and Volvo to our vehicle line up! More vehicles will be added as we expand our premium parts catalogue. 

The biggest aspect of what our customers love about us is the attention to detail and the quality of service which we take pride in. We take care of your car like one of our own. We want you to feel confident that when your vehicle is in our hands, it will be taken care of like no other. 

Using our knowledge of track preparation and on-track experience, we are able to provide you with improved performance and reliability of your car. Our passion for cars and racing drive us to provide better service from routine maintenance and repair services to full on performance tuning and aftermarket modifications. The extra detail that goes into a race car goes into every car that we service.

At Mann's Garage, our loyal customers trust us because we never use customer's cars as test vehicles, which means we had or still currently have a shop car with similar chassis just like yours at one point or another. If we don't work on our own cars, we won't work on yours. Afterall, not all cars are created equal!