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  • From Mild to Wild

    We offer unique custom dyno services from simple dyno pulls, increasing fuel efficiency and horsepower to building you a Type-25. Why sacrifice fuel economy for fun when you can have both! Learn More
  • Control and Confidence

    Performance is not only about straight lines. From suspension and big brakes to race seats and harnesses, our setups keep you firmly planted so you have more confidence in cornering. Learn More
  • Forester Pioneers

    Mann Engineering is one of the first companies to step up and design Forester specific performance parts to enhance stability and provide a sporty feel. Who would have thought the Forester could be so much fun! Learn More
  • Install + Setup = Purpose

    Parts are only parts until they are setup correctly for the intended purpose. At Mann Engineering we make sure your money is well spent by setting up your Subaru properly after an install. Learn More
  • Maintain to Perform

    Maintaining your car religiously is always the first step to performance. We use high quality synthetics for your engine and OE Subaru parts to ensure longevity so that down the road when you want more performance, you can get more. Learn More
  • Your One Stop Store

    for performance SUBARU excellence Mann Engineering is your single source for Performance Subaru excellence. As a company we are dedicated to providing our customers with high-performance daily driver vehicles that work on the street and on the track. Learn More