About Us

Since 2004, Mann Engineering was created to change the way the aftermarket industry looks at Subaru performance tuning. Our goal is to provide our customers with the highest level of service, reliability, and quality components for the street to the track. We provide you with a distinct level of tuning based on your needs as a customer, whether it is for daily-street driving all the way to full track preparation. 

At Mann Engineering, our loyal customers trust us because we never use customer's cars as test vehicles, which means we had or still currently have a shop car with similar chassis just like yours at one point or another. If we don't work on our own cars, we won't work on yours. Afterall, not all cars are created equal! 

We present only the best possible equipment for your Subaru BRZ, Forester, Impreza, WRX/STI, XV Crosstrek, Outback and/or Legacy. The components we offer are carefully selected to meet your needs. We carry only quality, engineered parts from leading aftermarket and OEM suppliers, assuring you proper fit and lasting performance. With a market being pulled in many directions, Mann Engineering sets goals to design and develop packages such that you can feel the difference. 

We strive to develop suspension, brake, and power packages that are complete with track proven results. We are one of the few companies that test our products before we make the decision to carry it. We do not just carry every brand out there but want to be one that carries nothing but the best for your Subaru.

Engineering and Development behind Mann Engineering

The engineering and development process is the foundation of a great product. At Mann Engineering we focus extensive amount of time during these initial stages to make sure that a product not only fits properly, but works how it is supposed to pertaining to a specific Subaru application. We pride ourselves in being consistent about this focus so that every product gets the same amount of attention on development and testing.

In a normal new product development cycle, a properly developed product takes about 6-12 months or more depending on the complexity of the part.

- First 3-6 months: Engineering and development
- Next 1-4 months: Testing…..more testing…and more testing
- Final months: Production

Even after production is complete, we do not stop there. We constantly find ways to improve and make it even better. As new vehicles are released each year, we make sure to go through the same development cycle for the product so that specifications are confirmed as either the same or different than the previous and that any changes in the new vehicle are accounted for.

In many cases, a part from one Subaru application may fit another Subaru vehicle, however it does not necessarily mean it will work or perform correctly. Thus, products from Mann Engineering are not always the quickest to be released to the public for purchase because we take the proper steps to make sure the parts work together in the system correctly.  

Mann Engineering also carries products from other manufacturers. Over the years as we have grown, Mann Engineering has become a technical partner to many leading aftermarket companies that develop parts for Subarus. Companies like Advanced Clutch (ACT), AST Suspension, Brembo High Performance, and Samco Sport are just a few that we directly work with to develop parts for Subarus to make your car more enjoyable to drive. 

As a technical partner to some of the manufacturers, we assist in the development and testing process of their products as well. In many cases, we offer our shop vehicles as a medium to the engineering and development process for the part that is produced specific to Subaru applications. Feedback and testing results are sent back to the manufacturers so that they can make adjustments accordingly if necessary or confirm approval for final production run. 

Type-25 US Edition

We are also the home of the Type-25 US Edition. This car shows exactly what we are about and how a car should be properly tuned, a car that performs and stays under the radar. Working with the original creators, we are proud to be able to offer this car in the United States as it is definitely a unique and one of a kind Subaru.

Currently developing and testing new products at our facility, we are also performing suspension and brake installations along with regular maintenance services that keep your Subaru operating at its best!

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