ChassisDyno Chassis Dyno Services

Have a car that you want to see how powerful it is? We have a state of the art dyno cell featuring a MAHA LPS3000 Chassis Dyno, which gives us unrivaled accuracy and repeatability. Air is changed in the cell at a rate of 53,000 cubic meters an hour by our unique intake and exhaust extraction system.

Follow the link to see our dyno in action!


SuspensionUpgrades Suspension Upgrades and Installation

We are able to install anything and everything we carry in order to make your Subaru handle like true performance car. We install simple upgrades such as swaybars to our full on coilover kits! Custom setups can be designed and tailored to your exact needs from full street performance all the way to full track cars. We are sure that we can setup your car to achieve your desired results.

Definitely check out our suspension packages for the Impreza and Foresters. We have thoroughly tested them to ensure they provide good improvements in handling.


WheelAlignment 4-Wheel Alignment

Our dedicated alignment rig is accurate to the nearest hundredth of a degree and alignment measurements are carried out on one of our two floor flush scissor lifts which is perfectly level at any height. We use the Bosch FWA 4437 and Bosch FWA 4630 alignment machines to achieve the most precise alignments possible for your car.

Our highly trained engineers can adjust the geometry on your road or track car to your personal specification or they can create a unique set-up to suit your specific application.


OilServicesOil Services

Time for an oil change? We use only genuine Subaru oil filters and high quality synthetics to keep your Subaru running at its best! We recommend the Torco High Performance Synthetics that will withstand the toughest driving conditions. Customers who have run Torco oils have noticed an improvement in engine response, increased fuel economy and smoother idling.

We can also flush your transmission and rear differential oils as well. Please contact us to schedule an appointment.


Maintenance Services Available

Need to have one of your major or minor services performed? We are able to service your car at all the major and minor intervals and we use geniune factory Subaru components. Upon arrival, if you wish to upgrade to performance oils and components, we have a variety of parts to meet your needs.

Major Services: 30k/60k/90k Mile Services

Minor Services: 15k/45k/75k/ Mile Services

Timing Belt Service: 105k Mile Service


Tire Mounting and Balancing

Since we do loads of suspension work and carry a good amount of Speedline wheels, we are able to mount and balance tires. Tires go hand in hand with your cars suspension and so we feel it is important to have proper tires to go with your improved suspension to gain the most out of your Subaru and suspension upgrades.

We also carry many other name brands as well.


BrakeService Brake Services

If your Rotors have taken on some heavy abuse on the track, we keep replacement discs in stock and hardware to service your AP Racing or Brembo brake discs and get you back out on the track with minimal down time.

We also are able to offer brake upgrade recommendations from street improvements from stainless steel brakelines, pads and rotors to full Big Braking systems to suit your track day or racing needs!

Please contact us for your specific application and needs.


TrackServices Track Tech Inspection

We offer track tech inspections for those heading to the track for track days. Not sure what to look for? Let us go through your car to make sure things are sound and ready for the extremes that you will be taking your car to.



Have an issue with your Subaru? Starting June 2019, drop by between 10:00AM-12:00PM or 2:00PM-4:00PM and we will take a look! No appointment necessary! 


Pre-Purchase Inspection

We offer pre-purchase inspections! Please inquire for details!


Free Local Classified Listing

Mann Engineering now offers free local classified listing service on our website for your Subaru if you’re looking to sell your vehicle and the vehicle was inspected by us. 

Indoor Vehicle Storage

Mann Engineering is offering vehicle storage at an affordable rate!