Free Local Classified Listing

At Mann Engineering, we have done many pre-purchase inspections to assist our customers in knowing the condition of the Subaru they were interested in purchasing and if it required any minor or major repairs.

Due to numerous customer requests to assist in finding a potential buyer for their vehicle or a potential vehicle for our customers, Mann Engineering now offers free local classified list on our website for your Subaru if you’re looking to sell your vehicle and the vehicle was inspected by us.

To qualify for the free listing on our site, the vehicle must not have a salvage title and all you need to do is schedule an overall inspection with us so we can note the condition of the vehicle and generate a report on the findings.

Our comprehensive inspection report provides both the seller and the buyer a transparent view of the condition of the vehicle so both parties can negotiate openly.

If you are interested in listing your car on our site, please fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you asap.


Seller: What’s in it for me?

  • Know what your car is worth - As a seller, getting an overall inspection on your vehicle means you know what your car is worth and how much you can sell it for. Some minor fixes may allow you to up your for sale price which is a great investment if you’re looking to get more for your car. You no longer have to wonder if you could have gotten more for your car if certain issues were fixed. Upon request, we will also provide quotes on the things that need attention so you can decide if it’s worth repairing before the sale.
  • Discounted Repair Service – If you opt to list your car on our classified page, you’ll be offered a 5% labor discount on the repairs needed to get your car up and running before listing. This includes if your car is heavily modified and would like us to somewhat put it back into a more stock state for reliability and ease of sale.
  • Target buyer audience - Almost all the traffic that flows through our site are Subaru owners, this is the perfect and specialized place to target your exact buyer audience.
  • Discounted vehicle storage - We also offer discounted vehicle storage if you choose to store your for sale vehicle and to keep it clean at our facility so that you can meet potential buyers in a safe location in our front or back parking lot.
  • Car Wash and Interior cleaning Service (Available after Oct 2019) - Add on “New Car” Wash and Interior Cleaning package is available for customers that want a full wash and interior cleaning so that your vehicle is ready to be showcased in the listing via pictures and when you show your car to the potential buyers in person. Most buyers will pay more for a nice clean looking car. First impression always matters.


Buyer: What’s in it for me?  

  • Vehicle Condition Inspection Report - As a potential buyer of a Subaru from our sellers through our site, you now have the opportunity to get the inspection report of the vehicle being listed. You no longer have to worry if what’s listed for sale is what it really is. You won’t have to schedule a “pre-purchase” inspection for the vehicles on our classified list because it has already been done and the report is readily available on the listing page.
  • Discounted Repair Service - If there are any repairs that the seller opts out to be done before the sale, you now have the opportunity to get it repaired through us with a labor discount after the purchase. A quote is available upon request depending on what you prioritize to be repaired. If you opt to repair the vehicle with us, buyers will get 5% labor discount for all services and performance upgrades at Mann Engineering as long as you are still the current owner of the vehicle purchased through our site. 
  • Safe meeting place - Buyers can meet with the seller safely in our front or back parking lot.
  • Discounted vehicle storage - We also offer discounted vehicle storage if you need to store your vehicle after the purchase for any reason. (e.g. don’t want your significant other to know yet.  )

For a list of vehicles for sale by owners, please click here


PLEASE NOTE: Mann Engineering is not a dealer. We do not collect commissions nor do we purchase or sell vehicles in your behalf or help with negotiation. We solely provide a free online classified listing platform that helps our customers connect and negotiate in a more transparent way by knowing the condition of the vehicle. We want Subaru enthusiasts to sell and buy from Subaru enthusiasts. Mann Engineering provides no warranty on the vehicle listed on our site. We solely provide the inspection service and report and all repair warranties applies only if the repairs has been completed through us and parts were purchased from us.