Jay Leno's Garage Uro-Tec Buffing Pad Set

  • $49.99

  • Save money when you buy as a kit!
  • Designed and balanced specifically for standard and long-throw DA machine
  • Each kit contains a Uro-Fiber Compounding Pad, a Uro-Tec Polishing Pad, a Uro-Tec Ligh-Duty Polishing Pad and a Uro-Tec Finishing Pad
  • Available in 6", 5" and 3" sizes


We have teamed up with leaders in the polishing industry to develop the ultimate set of buffing and polishing pads. From microfiber compounding pads, to foam polishing and finishing pads, we’ve got everything you need to meet the correction demands of any paint job! Our Uro-Tec pads are specifically designed to work with standard, and long-throw dual-action style polishers.

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