Sabelt Titan FIA Approved Seat

  • $824.00


The Sabelt Titan uses a proven full bucket seat design with great leg, lateral, and shoulder support. The Titan model is great for drivers with wider shoulders as there is space within the seat’s shoulder support design. Gel-coated FRP construction allows Sabelt to produce a complete range of full bucket seats, with individually sized shells to meet the needs of various drivers and body types. FRP material is also used for its’ strength characteristics while maintaining an economical price point. All Sabelt full bucket seats produced using FRP do meet the safety requirements for FIA certification.

Individually sized shells:
Sabelt has specific individually sized shells (large and extra-large) to offer drivers better seating position based on their body type. Designing a unique shell for each size also allows Sabelt to reduce the amount of padding needed for smaller drivers, which results in an overall weight reduction of the seat. (Padding can add 3+ pounds to a seat).

Typical Application: HPDE, Autocross, Gymkhana, Drifting, Track day.

Harness Compatibility: 3, 4, or 6-point harnesses

Gel-coated fiberglass shell. Higher sides for a better lateral support. 5 harness slots, Side fixing. HANS® compatible. FIA approved.

Seat Specifications Table

  • Gel-coated fiberglass shell
  • Higher sides
  • Side/lateral fixing
  • HANS® compatible.
  • 5 harnesses slots, Suitable to six-point harnesses thanks to crotch straps hole in shell bottom
  • High wear resistance vep fabric
  • Breathable mesh 3d fabric on backrest and bottom
  • Anti-slip kinder point fabric on shoulders
  • FIA Homologation 8855-2009
  • Sizes: L & XL
  • Color: Black


WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and reproductive harm. For more information, visit 

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